Solid wood frame hand-carved by the master craftsmen of the Bartolozzi & Maioli art workshop specialising in woodcarving since 1938.

This frame, also usable as mirror, is produced in the Neoclassical style, following the models of the frames found in the museums and historical residences of the city of Florence, as in the Lorraine rooms of Palazzo Pitti.

Together with Bartolozzi & Maioli, we have selected a series of frames, made entirely by hand, in the style typical of Florence in the late Renaissance and Baroque periods. Each frame is carved from solid wood, presented in its natural state or decorated with gold leaf. Bartolozzi e Maioli’s production is closely bound to the history of Florentine art. In fact, its founders spent years studying the original models in Le Gallerie degli Uffizi, filtering them through their own personal experience and adapting them to contemporary tastes.

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Material: Cirmolo wood
Size: Diameter of cm 75
Weight: kg 1,5
Processing technique: Carving
Shipping: White Gloves handling or special needs – Contact
The frame in the picture is presented in its natural state. On request, it can be decorated with gold leaf. Contact

Craftsman: Bartolozzi e Maioli
A workshop specialising in woodcarving since 1938. For three generations they have produced works of international calibre, such as the restoration of the rooms of Tsar Nicholas II in the Moscow Kremlin and the refurbishing of the Choir and Sacristy of the Abbey of Montecassino.

Weight 1500 g

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