Reproduction of the bust of Raffaello Sanzio.
Product in white resin and marble powder, with wooden base, made in Tuscany and finished by hand.

Born in Urbino in 1483, he was a painter and an architect. His training took place in the workshop of Perugino, sharing many of his early subjects with his teacher. His great talent, and his ability to understand and make his own the lessons of his predecessors, from Piero della Francesca to Leonardo and Michelangelo, allowed him to quickly move away from his master’s style. He soon moves to Florence, in 1504, where he mainly works for private commissioners. One of the most famous works from his Florentine period is the Madonna del Cardellino, now to be found in Le Gallerie degli Uffizi. In 1508 he moves to Rome where he further develops his style through the study of classical art, becoming one of the leading experts on the subject. He died in Rome in 1520.

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Materials: resin and marble, wooden base
Size: cm 15,5 x 9 x 6
Weight: g 458

Weight 450 g

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